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Hodges Homebrew DIY Bomb Shot

Hodges Homebrew Diy Bomb Shot


“How to make the perfect DIY vape e-liquid by using the product of Hodges “


Nothing gives you satisfaction like making your e-liquid for your vape DIY. Nowadays, all vape users are trying to find the unique flavor of their choice, so they take the help of DIY and mix the flavors to get that unique sensation and that unforgettable recipe. Hodges has the best equipment and ingredients to help you in the process. for them, and the DIY e-liquid is becoming very popular daily. Making the vape e-liquid is very simple using the Hodges productYou just have simple ingredients like nicotine, flavorings, propylene Glycol, and vegetable glycerine. 


By using this product, Hodges, there are two main processes by which you can make your own vape juice. The first method is mixing by volume; in this process, you just have to mix the ingredient by their volume. It is a very easy and simple process; the volume of the liquid measures it, and it is very popular but only demarcated is it is not that accurate to mix than mixing the ingredients by the weight, which leads us to the second part, which is the process in which you have to mix the liquid by a particular ratio of weight. 


In this process, you will get the perfect DIY vape juice as you have to use the weighing scale to have perfect weight and precision. You have to use the e-liquid calculator's help to make the perfect mix of the liquid. It will help you to have the perfect combination of the ingredient, like how much nicotine should be added, how much pg you have to add, how much VG should be added, and what type of flavoring you should use in the mix; also you have to be careful while mixing the nicotine as it could make the juice very strong. 

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