Breaking Clouds

Breaking Clouds Retro Sweet Collection Short Fill E-Liquid 4 x (100ml)120ml


Breaking Clouds Retro Sweet Collection

There are certain flavours which always take you straight back to your childhood and this is certainly one of them! You know that you should have grown out of them but lets face it, you also know that you never will! But who cares when you can enjoy that special flavour without ruining your teeth? Fruit Salad Chews offers a sugary sweet combination of raspberry and pineapple with a little zing, just like the penny chews only.

Breaking Clouds Pear Drops

A deliciously-distinctive vape which perfectly captures the taste of traditional hard-boiled pear sweets. This sugary yet mild e-liquid promises big clouds and amazing flavour.

Breaking Clouds Drumsticks

A Classic Drumstick lollipop chew flavor, consisting of sweet raspberry with a creamy milk undertone that's guaranteed to take you back to your childhood.

Breaking Clouds Rhubarb & Custard

Our take on this classic combo of creamy custard Boiled sweet with a gorgeous tangy rhubarb.

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